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The original Kopprasch etudes (ca. 1830) for horn are simple in both their rhythmic and harmonic content, but technically they are fairly challenging; they are not for beginners in any case. Young players must amass some years of experience on their instrument before they are ready to take on Kopprasch.

Preparatory Kopprasch provides novice players with the chance to work on the same basic techniques as the originals, but years earlier. PK etudes are constructed as to be accessible to anyone who has played horn for about a year or more. PK etudes achieve this by being shorter in length and limited in range, as well as having more frequent chances to breathe (rests!). Note values and meters have also been adjusted to be more user friendly. Teachers of horn may use some, many, or all of them as the foundation for a strong set of basic skills so that your student will be ready to tackle the original Kopprasch etudes much earlier and more successfully than was possible before.

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